Subdomains and htaccess?

Hi there
I have just starting hosting with DH (loving it so far)
However, I just want to know - as far as my knowledge goes, I am allowed to create subdomains to my main domain name.
Does this mean that I am able to forward it to other external pages (eg. > myblog.blogger)
Also, can I have more than one website with my subdomains, as I want to host for my little sister who doesn’t wish to use a free web but doesn’t require her own domains/resources. I am happy to share my resources with her. i.e. bandwidth, web space… etc.
Thanks in advance

Yes you can do exactly want you want to do. You can use the redirect panel under ‘manage domains | add a domain’ to point your pages where you wish.
You can have many websites using the subdomain fuction. Each subdomain is set up exactly as a separate website with a user/password of its own should you so wish. Likewise yu can set up a subdomain with its own email.

My dog has her own subdomain website (in fact she has two!) so I am sure your sister can.

If you wish you can even give her a subdomain to practice on. Just add a subdomain from the above section like ‘’ and if it has not been taken you can fully host it.

The DreamHost wiki is very useful and worth spending a day or two reading various sections.

Be aware that DreamHost have had some network problems over the last few days, and things are just settling down now, so do not worry if things do not happen as they should at the moment.


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You act on my advice at your own risk!

Thanks so much.
I have just discovered Dreamhost’ wiki, and have been reading about it throughout the day, and realised you could do so much!
Thanks again.