I’m a “medium” experienced user, managed to find my way round here generally. Even setup a shell a/c to have a play with, and a website.
However would someone point me in the right direction (I have looked at the wiki). What I want to do is this;
My current website is OK and active. Call it I would like to setup a subdomain (?) so my brother could use is it possible to do this? Or would it have to simply be (i.e. simply a folder under my address). I can see that I can set him up as a user, with ftp access, but would want to use the “extra security” so maybe he could not get direct access to “his” website?

Thanks for any pointers/urls

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I think the best thing would be to set up a subdomain for your brother to use. At the same time that you create it, you can creater a new user for your brother to use for it.

I’m not sure what you mean by extra security…

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Thanks Lensman, extra security is a tick you do when creating a new user, I think it stops their ftp going anywhere but their folders. Anyway, I did the remap of a new folder under my site and it all worked well. I setup a user who can ftp into that new folder and they can’t get “up” to my main folders, so its fine.

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What you are describing for your brothers use is not a subdomain at all, it is a full website like your own. It’s great that DreamHost allows you to host as many such domains as you want for no additional hosting charge (you still need to pay for the domain registration for the additional domain(s) ).

You can also save the money for a new domain registration by using a subdomain for your brothers account. This would be something like “”, in your example, or, or similar for any domain you already host (the domain is reserved specifically for this use, so you don’thave to use your won domain if you do not want).

Either way, you don’t need to make this a folder (directory) under you own domain name on DreamHost. You can (and should) “Add a domain or subdomain” from the control panel for this new site. When you do this, DreamHost will create a directory for that site in the user area of the user you selected to “run” the site (the panel will ask you at domain creation time).

If you create a new user for your brother, then his site will be in a completely different area than yours (you could still “see” what is going on in there by just using his login/password) or, if you feel comfortable, you could just create the site as your own user, and share your credentials with him (you could both see/work on either site).

The “extra security” doesn’t really work the way you are envisioning it (though users and permissions are involved) . If you actually want to allow him “direct access to “his” website”, either method described above will work.

In the first method (your brother is his own user), then he could have direct access to only his site (you could still oversee it, because as master account holder you could just share his credentials or, if need be, change his password to allow you access in an given circumstance).

In the second case (running his site under your user, he can either share your credentials or, if you don’t want him to have direct access to both sites, you could only allow him administrative access through a “filemanager” type script or a Content Management System (like the one-click Joomla!or WordPress installations), and just not allow him direct FTP access (I do this for some of my family members).

Edit: OOPS! I had the thread collapsed and somehow missed the previous responses … that way works too, and I’m glad you got it sorted! :slight_smile:



Don’t forget, you’ll be held responsible for ANYTHING he does that violates the terms of service. If that happens you may lose access to EVERYTHING hosted at DH.

So, you better like and trust your brother!

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i’m not actually gonna answer your question but instead am going to ask another question if that’s okay with you guys. =)

here goes, so if i have a domain and a website in that domain, i could create subdomains with websites in those subdomains for free?


Yes (if by “free” you mean no additional hosting charges other than your present DH hosting account and no additional domain registration fees).