Quick question about subdomains…

Can I make a subdomain, then register a domain name to direct to that subdomain?


I have then I make a subdomain of and then register and have’s page show up there?


yes. just set up and as fully hosted domains (in the panel > Domains > Manage Domains). Then after you register set it up as a redirect to

–Matttail - personal website


I generally refer to such things (as “”) as “Stupid Unnecessary Domain Names” and criticize the people, companies, and organizations who insist on using them; why register a separate domain for something for which a logical subdomain will work fine?

– Dan


Some people consider seperate domains more professional.



Domains were always intended to be used in a logical, hierarchical way, where “” is indicated, by its structure, as being a subsidiary of “”, whereas a separate domain like “” might or might not be owned by the same entity as (or What’s “more professional” about that? It even facilitates phishing scams, as when banks like Citibank use a whole profusion of domains (,,, etc.) people could be victimized by scammers using similar-looking domains, while if they sticked strictly to logical subdomains, one that wasn’t in that mold would stand out more.

– Dan


Yah but if you typed in, not being aware of the url, wouldn’t you be durn glad it went to the real Citibank? :wink: I’m only half kidding there, because it seems like a lot of businesses do register similar domains for that reason- to draw any potential visitors who may have typed a little off. I remember when Barnes & Noble switched to just, and even with the shorter url it seemed like an inconvenience. They were aiming for the opposite. Someone might have a blog, a business site and a hobby site, all obviously related to the owner, but perhaps it wouldn’t be appropriate to have them under the same umbrella. Both sides of this one make sense, but the choice is for the people behind the pages to make.



And the Barnes & Noble “marketing types” like to refer to their site as “Barnes &”, complete with spaces and an ampersand, which are not even legal in domain names; and they accompany this with a note that its address is actually at Kind of dissonant.

– Dan


Well I was just using it as an example. I simply wanted to keep my proffessional page and my personal page seperate.

But I do have a follow up question.
Edit: was already answered in another thread, hehe.