i have created a subdomain and now wish to upload WP to that domain. I was asked to first configure the the domain etc and then i am required to pay $47.40 a year. I thought sub domains were free add ons to the domain.


They are. You can add as many sub-domains to your hosting account as you like, without charge.

This sounds very odd.

Do you already have a paid DreamHost hosting plan?

How are you creating the sub-domain?


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i created the subdomain as instructions and it is there and all is ok on that front. But then I went to install WP via Goodies > one click install and
it says “To install software on an entirely new domain, please add it here first!” Going there and I am asked to pay the £47.70.

Maybe this is my error in clicking on “installing on an entirely new domain” I was concerend that I dont end up installing WP over my present domain which holds my blog!!

Basically if installing WP on subdomain DO I need to install it as an entirely new domain or just on the subdomain.

presumably it will not interfere with the main domain
sorry to be such a dumbo on this


That link should just take you to the ‘Manage Domains’ section of the panel. You should not see a request for payment if you already have a hosting plan on that account.

If you have already created the sub-domain, just select the sub-domain using the URL: dropdown box. WordPress will then be installed to that sub-domain. The parent domain will not be affected.

Not at all, we all have to start somewhere and these things can be difficult to grasp sometimes.


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