I have a main sight, and on my account I have 15 subdomains, how do I use one of the subdomains?

I know that I have subdomains to use, and that I dont need to register them because I already have them, I need to know how to access them and use them, and upload to them.

They work just like any other domain, other than that you don’t have to register them separately. If you set them up as fully hosted, there will be a different subdirectory for each of them and you can upload files to them just like with the directories for regular domains. Their web addresses will be the subdomain, like

– Dan

ok, while that should make sense to a normal person I’m a little thick, and I cant remember how I set up my domain like a year ago. So do I log out of my current domain on dreamhost, and then…what? Thanks for helping me it’s really nice of you.

Don’t log out; the subdomain will be under the same account as your main domain. Just use the “Add Domain” feature in the control panel, and type in the subdomain name you want, like “”.

– Dan

You should be at – in the menu on your left, click Domains, and go from there (I think the option is “Add New Domain” or something along those lines).