Subdomain Wordpress install (multisite)

We have the domain which to installed wordpress,
Also, we want to active (or install) a wordpress template at the subdomain,too -->
But when i install wordpress to subdomain by ftp program, i encounter blank page. Does Dreamhost let multi users of wordpress? How can i solve this problem?
Thanks for attentions

Well the subdomain should be without the “www” to begin with. You should take it out and make sure that the settings on the domain reflect that from the DH control panel. Also, to make sure the rest is working, you could upload a simple text file and see if that works.


write something in the text file before you upload it and just make sure that works before you go further.

Thanks, you are right that subdomain does not begin with “www”, i missed it while i writing the post.
but i am sure that the subdomain works, and i did your suggestion:
What could you offer further?

up, it is still current

Are you sure you are using the correct shell/ftp user? Its possible the top level and the subdomain were set up to be managed by different users.

Go to the Manage Domains page in the panel and look in the “web hosting” column and ensure that you are using the correct user for the sub domain.