Subdomain with 'cannot connect to database'

I registered a subdomain, used the one-click install of WP 2.6 after setting up a new database (and apparently, hostname). Today, I started playing with the css, got my first post added, feeds set up, etc and announced it. Then not 3 minutes later, it was unviewable (and I can’t access WP admin) because there is an error establishing database connection.

I don’t understand what happened in the 10 minute span, since I wasn’t even changing anything. Anyone?

What’s the domain (URL), and when did you register it? Sometimes it takes several days for a new domain to propagate.


the subdomain is the main domain, is working fine.

i registered the subdomain last night, but like I said, it was working all night and morning, fine.

It’s working for me, but you really need to jump on and finish the installation. If it still doesn’t work for you, try Mirroring it as a temporary measure:


I actually did finish it all this morning - I already completed all of the steps, had gone thru and altered a theme after uploading and had even published two pages and a blog post!

That’s weird, because when I got to it, I got the standard “new installation” Title your Blog, and Enter Email Address screen. It looks fine, now.