Subdomain types


I want to create a subdomain: instead of how can I do that with detailed instruction… thanks in advance :slight_smile:


First learn the difference between a subdomain and a subdirectory.


you can just connect over FTP with your user, navigate over to the directory, and create a new one inside that called “subdomain” or whatever you need it to be. but i don’t recommend using it for separate software installations if / already has something installed there :slight_smile:


yes, my wordpress site is installed in the main domain, no blog folder so I can’t use the format?


That’s not a configuration that we recommend. When configured to use “pretty” permalinks, WordPress attempts to handle all requests under its directory. While it’s possible to “carve out” a subdirectory that it should leave alone (e.g, for stats), doing so is fundamentally messy and sometimes unreliable. It’s much easier and cleaner to set a second application up on its own domain (e.g,