Subdomain to backup a local computer

I would like to use a subdomain I just created to act as a back up for my local computer, my whole system, just important files I don’t want to lose. I would like the easiest way possible to do this so that I, and only I, would have access to it’s content. What are the best and and most simple ways to do this? I would like to mostly rely upon an ftp client but possibly have other options to access my data.

Thanks in advance for any advice

You might want to look at alternative means of backup. :slight_smile:

This is from the ToS:

The customer agrees to make use of DreamHost Web Hosting servers primarily for the purpose of hosting a website, and associated email functions. Data uploaded must be primarily for this purpose… DreamHost Web Hosting servers are not intended as a data backup or archiving service.

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Oh…thanks for the info. Guess I’ll have to come up with another solution.

That said, I think there’s a thread from a while back where someone mentioned that there was some approved system for backing up your itunes library to your server.

How much data are you talking about? I noticed that the OP’s original post contains the following sentence:

This sentence seems to me to be internally inconsistent. Do you want to back up your whole system or just some important files?

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Yeah, there’s a “not” missing right before “my whole system”

Just curious, why the restriction? If someone pays for the space, why can’t they use if for a web site and as an off-site backup? I understand if the ToS indicated DH wasn’t responsible for these files, but if I’m willing to take the risk, what’s the harm?

“what’s the harm”

The “harm” is that it would blow the “overselling is good” strategy out of the water.

DH provides “500 GB Disk Storage” on the assumption that most people will use hardly any of it.

If people get the neat idea that they can use it for backup, then DH is in a pickle.

Using it legitimately? Sure. Examples would be actual site backups, large images (maybe an image host?), an SVN repository (with probably a lot of large files), ISO images of some game or app you’re releasing, custom videos or music (podcasts and the like come to mind), etc etc.
Using it as an off-site “backup” site has nothing to do with web hosting. If you need off-site backups, there are services out there that provide for such. The TOS states this fact and if you have an issue with it then I suggest finding another host that offers similar space and other such features along with allowing you to use them as an off-site backup.

Chips N Cheese - Custom PHP installs and the like!

you can purchase a 500GB external harddrive for about $100.

There are remote data backup services out there…but you get little space for your money.

Services that are set up primarily for backup provide a little space for a lot of $$ so they’re not an option for me.

The external HD is something I already do. If my house burns, I loose everything. Plus drives fail.

Tape might be an option but that isn’t cheap either.

The advantage of some place like DH is that they do backups and have methods to safeguard files for long periods of time - good stuff!

I did find that DH also offers something called ‘files forever’. The pricing is not all that bad at $2.50/gig so that may be the other option; I get space for a web site plus a reasonable alternative for long term file storage…need to think this one through before I commit.

Not trying to game the system, just looking for reasonable ways to keep my stuff safe in the event of a disaster.

Good input, thanks.


How much are you looking to back up?

Do you have trusted friends? Some folks at work have set up cross-backups between themselves using Hamachi for VPN.

Finally, when you say that offsite backup solutions are too expensive, how much is that? Is the $50 a year for unlimited backup from Carbonite too much?

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How much? Right now, I’m looking at between 50-100 gig and, since my significant other is an aspiring photographer, that’ll grow rapidly.

Trusted friends, not with networks or pc’s I’d trust and I’m not looking to become a remote system admin for someone else.

Carbonite, that might work. I hadn’t run across them before so this bears looking into.


I also came accross which offers unlimited storage for $5/mo $50/yr.

nice, they have a beta for macintosh!!!

So I read the fine fine print (faq actually) for both Carbonite and Mozy and there’s one teeny tiny little catch…

These are backup not archive systems. Delete the file from your local system and 30 days later, they’re gone from Carbonite and Mozy.

This might not be fatal but you’re going to have to plan carefully. For those of us needing to manage large quantities of image files, we’ll probably need to store them on mounted usb drives mapped to specific drive letters and make sure the right drive is mounted to the right letter as long as we want the files maintained on-line.

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