Subdomain to actual domain?


Hoping someone can help a clueless beginner. I have a site hosted & registered elsewhere (for ex.,, and want to switch to have it be hosted here at Dreamhost as a brand new Wordpress site. I wanted to get the site up and running here before switching everything over, since I am relatively new to Wordpress & websites & figured it might take me a while to make things work. So I looked in these forums & then at these instructions
and ttp://

They are confusing. After some trouble, I eventually made a fully hosted Dreamhost subdomain “” and installed Wordpress via the One-Click installation & my theme to it and got it up and running properly. The One-Click installer said the One-Click installs need to be on fully hosted domains so I made it fully hosted - so I did not mirror my old site, (It didn’t seem like it could be both fully hosted and mirrored. I could be wrong.)

How now do I go about making my register point to my new site, and have the site be at rather than I can follow the wiki instructions:

“You’ll need to login to the control panel with your current registrar (or contact their support team) to modify the nameservers to the following:”

But don’t I need to do something to make Dreamhost know that I want it to use the website made at rather than the presumably empty “fully hosted”

Both and are under the same user.

Thank you for any advice.


Hello AnnMarie,

Basically what I do is:

  1. Fully host my real domain, www.domain.tld
  2. Setup a mirror at of the real domain.tld
  3. Setup a mySQL host on the mirrored domain something like . Note: You can also setup another host for the real domain but you can’t “really” use it till DNS has been changed over
  4. Install everything on the fully hosted domain and use the mySQL host from the mirrored domain. Note: I don’t use the one-click installs
  5. Test using the mirror domain before DNS change over
  6. Change the DNS settings to point at DreamHost
  7. Test using the real domain when DNS has finished propagating
  8. Park the mirror domain

then if you like…
9. You can setup a mysql host on the real domain mysql.domain.tld, if you didn’t do this in step 3.
10. Change the settings in the WP config file to point to this new mySql host.



Thank you very much, JW. eep. That sounds sadly complicated & confusing to me. I am not sure my brain power is up to learning about mySQL and ftping the stuff in somewhere. I have learned how to ftp, but this sounds another order of complicated on top of simple uploading of files via ftp.
I wonder if I call Dreamhost whether they might walk me through it. Or maybe I just need to point the register here and then accept that my site will be down for a couple days till I build the new one with Wordpress with one click install.
thanks though!


I doubt DH will walk you through this since everything you need is either on the wiki here or at WordPress.

In all honesty, I would do what jwwicks outlined, in the end you will learn more about your site and how it is set up, which will help you troubleshoot things (and let me assure you, you will need to troubleshoot). You can read through the WP manual install instructions at the links below (also, be sure to read up on hardening your install so you don’t get hacked – something you should do whether you use the 1-click or not). They are not complicated, as long as you read through them first, before trying to install. This teaches you where everything is on the server. Knowledge is power – you can do this!

If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask us.


You can just sFTP the files over but you’ll still need to edit wp-config and sadly you’ll need to dump the MySQL file from you’re current host and import it. Also Wordpress has a bad habit of hard coding the fully qualified domain name in posts and metadata so if you want to do some testing before DNS is changed over you’ll have to change some strings in the database. Change all instances of http://domain.tld to
Then change them again after DNS has been changed over.
Otherwise you’ll windup editing on your live site or getting errors that items aren’t found etc…