Subdomain Question


How can my subdomain be viewed: AND ?

I’m using a script and it seems to only point to the latter, when I put in the subdomain’s absolute path.

Thanks in advance.


After your domain name is sub directory and before the domain name is sub domain. Creating sub directories, can be done with ftp. But creating sub domains must be done in your control panel. It will take some time for it to propagate across the net before the sub domain is usable.


It sounds like you script might be utilizing some ahpache rewrite rules to do that. Do you mind sharing what script you are using (as that might help us sort out you vorrect paths)?



I forgot about rewrite rules. Oh well.


Thankyou for the posts, I learned something new about domains, lol. :slight_smile:

Erm, I use a script called Enthusiast 3. I took two screenshots of its settings.
-I’m guessing the root path is changing the absolute path in the next screenshot.
-That link should upload pictures to, and that should be the url to the pictures as well.