Subdomain problem

I’m not sure what this means here “Display another site at your domain (using a frame; browser URL remains the same).” Do you guys mean an html frame? All I want to do is have a subdomain address pointing to its own personal site hosted on the same account as its primary domain with your company. How do I do this? I’m not sure which entry I should choose?

A place-holder web site with a generic DreamHost ‘coming soon’ message.

A redirect to another site (browser URL changes).
Redirect To URL:

Display another site at your domain (using a frame; browser URL remains the same).
Displayed Site’s URL: (e.g.
Title In Browser: (e.g. My Own Google)

A mirror of another site’s content (browser URL remains the same).

Just click ADD DOMAIN in your panel. The next page will as you for domain or subdomain, if memory serves me. Choose subdomain, fully hosted or whatever your account allows. There is a drop down for the domain the subdomain will use…if you are hosting several domains in the same account. Select the one you want, then type in your subdomain name.

Example: Let’s say I want a subdomain

I would select as the domain I am adding the subdomain to, then type in try in the space provided. Click the submit button, and you’ll get a final page that tells you that your subdomain should be up and running in 24 hours or thereabouts. Usually it doesn’t take even that long though.

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