Subdomain Preferences Working?

Recently I used the panel to switch a domain to:

“Leave it alone: Both and will work.”
(Previously it was on the mode where it Adds the “www.”)

BUT Now, whenever I try to browse to just without the www, I get this error:

Site Temporarily Unavailable

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact the webmaster/ tech support immediately to have them rectify this.

error id: “bad_httpd_conf”

Question 1: Should I be contacting support about this? It still works fine with www., but only with ^

Question 2: Is it possible to instruct the server to use Any subdomain the same, i.e. will be treated the same as, without redirecting, and without requiring said subdomain to be set-up by me, first?

Ideally, whichever subdomain the viewer typed into the browser would remain there in the address bar (because there’s no redirect) and then my script would be able to read the HTTP_HOST cgi value to determine which ‘subdomain’ was intended.

Any help appreciated



p.s. I have shared hosting, not the dedicated PS.

p.p.s. There are two “redirect” subdomains now, for , but they’re expendable.

Go back to Edit that subdomain and just click the save button. That should force a refresh and hopefully get it back in order.

  1. Contact support of the above doesn’t work

  2. It looks like you want to add a wildcard to DNS, and that would require Support to set that up for you.


Thanks so much for the response

Tried it again and again, and even after deleting all listed sub-domains in the panel it still only works when using, and still only the error appears if using just

Will send an email to support, ty again Scott