Subdomain pointing to Dynamic DNS?


Hope I don’t bother anyone with n00b-questions, I am not a programmer/webdesigner…

Anyways: I have a fully hosted domain with Dreamhost.

With another service (DYNDNS) I’ve set up an afp- & ftp-server for data-transfers of big files with clients on my mac by using Dynamic DNS. The domain-name looks something like this:

Now I want to have a subdomain with dreamhost, something like: that points directly to the domain of my dynamic dns provider. I tried forwarding, but it didnt work.

I basically need my clients to type in:

and it will get re-directed to:

getting redirected to:

…same for “vnc://”

How can I do this? Any idea?

Cheers, S

What you’re after is a DNS “CNAME” record, which you can add as a custom DNS record (under Manage Domains). Just edit the DNS for and add a new record with name “remote”, type CNAME, and value “”.

Thanks for the response… I thought that it might be CNAME but I wasn’t sure and I didn’t know how to edit it. Well: I just tried and it works!!! Great! Thanks a lot! Cheers, S

Great question/answer!
I was just telling a client yesterday that we should do this to replace their URL.
Three cheers for being able to control the DNS. :slight_smile: