Subdomain panels?

I’m hosting some of my friends and they want to be able to have access to a panel to add mySQL databases and whatnot. However… I don’t want them to be able to edit my site’s information. Is there are way to set up a panel for a subdomain?

I don’t think there’s a subdomain panel per-se as this isn’t a reseller host.

You can setup another user though, make the site host on that user and then set the permissions for that user to only edit their sites.

That way they have their own ftp login and domain management (through without being able to modify sites other than their own.

The down side is that you can no longer access the new user’s site via FTP if you wanted, you’d have to log in with their username and password to access it.

As well i don’t think they can setup an SQL database, you’d have to set it up. This shouldn’t be a major hitch though as any site can run on one database and just use software that has the ability to user table prefixes.

nielsenj, just wanted to say ‘thanks’… your response to the original poster was helpful to me.

Your more than welcome!

Glad i could help.