Subdomain on non dreamhost server


I have a server on dreamhost as well as a non-dreamhost server. What I want to do is use dreamhost mainly for my website, but have my website’s forum on a subdomain which is hosted by the other non-dreamhost server.

Is that at all possible, and how would I go about doing that?

Yes, you just need to add a subdomain record to with the IP address of your other host.

On the panel in the “Domains>Manage Domains” section there’s a table listing all your domains. If you click on the “DNS” link for the domain, there’s a section labeled “Add a custom DNS record to yourdomain.tld:”. You want to name your subdomain, use type = “A”, and set the value to the IP address of your server at the other host.

The part that is more complicated is configuring the other host for hosting just the subdomain. Does your other host use cPanel or are they using a custom panel?

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The other host has their own unique control panel, however, you can only access their DNS control panel when the domain is hosted over there. Which is the same case with dreamhost.

Okay, I think I set it up right on the other hosting end, I’ll find out if it works within 24 hours. Thanks for the help on this end though. :slight_smile:


BTW, if it’s any comfort, the way you do it when the situation is reversed is that you have to add hosting here for the top level domain, then add the subdomain.

At that point you can either delete hosting for the top level domain or just leave it. Because DNS is pointed to a different DNS server, no one is the wiser.

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I just hit the proverbial switch and my production domain is now live to the world with DH, rather than with my former @!#$^%& hosting company. Now that it’s up I’d like to setup a (passworded) subdomain that points to my home network. I may use or similar to handle the problem of resolving to a dynamic DNS, but I’m not sure about how to handle masking on the subdomain.

If I setup a subdomain to forward to, I never want people to see, but to always see Any code executed will render relative addresses or absolute to

So based on the info found in this thread, can I get what I’m looking for?


You have two options, free or paid:

  1. Free - Set up to resolve to your home IP address. Set up a CNAME record for pointing to With this, will resolve via dns to your home address. You just have to make sure that your home server is set up to serve
  2. Paid - Set up to be nameserved by dyndns. To do this you have to set up NS records in your DreamHost dns, then configure your account at dyndns to custom nameserve the subdomain. I think this custom dns will cost $24.95 a year from dyndns.

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Having just had to change my DNS twice within the last could days to get around the tragic network issues that have just occurred here at DH, I know exactly what you’re talking about. The free option should do quite well, assuming we can trust DH to keep a couple name servers functional.

If I didn’t want to do this at DH, it doesn’t seem to me that it makes a lot of sense to pay dyndns just for DNS service when I can pay any other $8/mo host for hosting, just use their NS control panel to enter the one CNAME and point everything else to a hard-coded IP address at DH. (Yeah, nasty, but how often does the NS3 option get used anyway?) But it’s good for people to know their options and it’s nice if at least some people pay dyndns to stay in business to provide their free services. :wink: I try to do that sometimes just to help my conscience.


I admit it’s a bit much ($2 a month) to pay just for dedicated subdomain dynamic DNS. Though actually, I think there’s some possibility that you can get secondary DNS service out of the same fee.

That said, I’m using the free option.

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