Subdomain on dreamhost?



Dreamhost is my registerar for the domain say www.mydomain.tld. I have name servers for this domain mydomain.tld pointed to another hosting provider where I host my main website. I want to continue doing that.

I want to host a sub domain of this domain blog.mydomain.tld on dreamhost. How do I change DNS for blog.mydomain.tld so that I can host a wordpress blog on dreamhost for this subdomain only.

  1. Create a parked domain for right here. You won’t be using it, but you need to create your main domain here before creating a subdomain.
  2. Create a fully hosted (sub)domain for This is where your blog will go.
  3. In the panel for Domains -> Manage Domains, click DNS for for your domain entry. It will show you the IP address for
  4. Go to your other hosting provider and add that IP address for in their DNS.

As long as DreamHost doesn’t move you to another server, or otherwise change your IP address, the site will continue to work. Just keep an eye out for an IP address change which will necessitate an update at your other provider.



I want to do the same thing but the other way around.

  1. I have an new Dreamhost account fresh out the box. I have a new domain name registered through Dremhsot.

  2. I want to point to my Posterous account and host a wordress on Dreamhost.

How do I go about this?

  1. I understand that I can go into Manage domains and point to Posterous using an A record.
  2. I’ve not tried for two reasons.
    A. Advice around the internet is to “delete” the set up that was automatically provide. I hesitate because I don’t know how to get that back if I need it.
    B. I am not clear how to set up the sub-domain after that.

Any one have any sound advice?

  1. That’s a good start.
  2. That’s doable as long as Posterous is willing and able to respond as

Part 2

  1. Go ahead and create as a parked domain.
  2. Then create here as a fully hosted domain.
  3. Now you can delete the parked You’re not losing anything you need, and can recreate it again later as fully hosted, or parked.
  4. Now you can edit the DNS for, which really is DNS for your entire domain. Add the A record with the IP address of the Posterous site