Subdomain on Awardspace forward to a domain?


Hi, I’m new to the whole webhosting thing, but not new to the html/writing world.

Heres my problem. I’ve got a registered domain with dream host I also have a free account Is there anyway I could get to forward to and mask



I take it you only have the domain registered here and don’t have a hosting account here at Dreamhost, right?

In order to do domain masking, you’ll need to find a free DNS service like that supports domain cloaking or domain masking. Dreamhost doesn’t provide that service to you. You’ll have to make sure not to exceed the free bandwidth limit for domain cloaking at the free DNS service.

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Yup, I have a registered domain here and free hosting at awardspace. I’m sure to not exceed the bandwidth limit, as I don’t expect this site to get much traffic, which is why I wanted to maintain my hosting at awardspace.

I’m sorry for being so elementary and needy, but how do I proceed in accomplishing this? I have created an account at zoneedit, but I’m lost in terms of how to proceed from here.

Thanks for your help


Well, I no longer have a zone edit account, but your first step is on your dreamhost account where you set your nameservers to zoneedit’s nameservers.

The second step is setting up domain cloaking at zoneedit. You’ll have to look to zoneedit’s documentation about their cloaking feature as I haven’t used them in about 7 years.

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Thanks I appreciate your help! So far I’ve created a zoneedit account, added my domain as a zone, set the forwarding to “”, and set the ns’s on dreamhost to the ones zone edit told me to use. As of right now, doesn’t respond, which I assume is because it takes several days for a dns change to take effect?

Also one last thing, I’d like my website to be searchable. For example, I want terms xxxx, xxxx, and xxxx, to bring up my domain as a result. I was curious if this was possible with domain cloaking, and if editing the meta tags on my website at awardspace would be sufficient enough to do this.

Thanks again!


Did you set up forwarding or cloaking? I thought you wanted cloaking/masking?

You’re right!

If you’re cloaked and there aren’t any links to, then search engines should pick up just your original domain. There’s a slight danger that search engines will pick up both domains and yeah, you’d have to get someone to advise you on the meta tags or robots.txt entries that would prevent that.

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