Subdomain nearly unreachable

I’ve got a couple of subdomains set up for client testing:

Each of these has a WordPress install with an associated SQL database. As of a few weeks ago (last time I checked), both were working fine. But today, client1 is fine, while client2 is nearly unreachable. I say “nearly” because I can get HTML files to load if I explicitly type their URLs. But PHP isn’t happening. I thought I had an .htaccess problem, but the two subdomains use the same .htaccess (which has nothing in it specific to the domain); plus, as I mentioned, client2 was working a couple of weeks ago, I haven’t touched it, and no one else would know how to.

I went to PHPMyAdmin to see if anything was funky with the database, and discovered that I can’t even run that: trying to get to, the system just spins its wheels, just like when I try to get to the site or the WP control panel. I don’t even get to the authentication screen. This makes me think the problem may be something beyond my control.


EDIT: This was going on for about an hour. As soon as I posted this message, I went back to try again, and lo and behold, both the site and PHPMyAdmin are fine. This reminded me that when I first set the subdomain up, I had the same problem, though then it only lasted about ten minutes and I attributed it to network weirdness.

So: The subdomain is unreachable, then magically reappears. Clearly not something I can control. Again: thoughts? I’d like to figure this out before the client takes a look at the site, which will probably be tomorrow. Thanks.

I suspect this isn’t a mysql issue.

Since you used pseduo-names instead of real domains I can’t actually go look, but I suspect this is what I originally thought was caused by a bad neighbor on the same IP, this creating an unresponsive apache instance. Bobocat and sXi however are currently under the assumption that html is fine, but anything that needs php on the same apache instance will be delayed or crash.

The domain in question is (It’s fine at the moment.)

How do I avoid the bad neighbor?

The only failsafe way is to get yourself a dedicated server. $$$ !!

Understood. But shouldn’t DreamHost be able to set me up so I’m not running into this instance? Again, one of my subdomains runs fine, the other has this problem. (Still - 10 days or so since I last reported it.)

ask support to try changing the apache instance for this sub-domain. That’s definitely on shared hosting. shows you who is on the same IP as you, the data isn’t perfect but give you a pretty good idea of whose sharing that instance of apache. This is one of the privileges of being on shared hosting. =] You can purchase dedicated IP’s but that gets expensive fast, since you can only use one domain to one IP. You can also move to VPS and then you will only be sharing with yourself.

Hey there!

If you’re still having trouble, you can totally email our support team with specific details and to request a move to a new Apache-instance, if need be. Just contact us via your panel :slight_smile: