Subdomain inaccessible with browser

I’m at my wit’s end with this one. I have previously set up sub domains without difficulty, but for the past month or so whenever I set one up, it is only visible via FTP. Trying to browse to it results in a ‘server not found’ error.

For example, I set up a subdomain called and used the one-click system to install an instance of mediawiki. When I try to follow the link emailed to me to set it up, I get the server not found error. But if I go to the subdomain via webftp in the control panel, I can see all the installed files listed.

I did the install 6 days ago, if that is relevant…

I checked the dreamhost wiki and other posts but could not find a solution.

Thanks in advance


Your DNS does not appear to be properly set-up to resolve that name to point at your DH webspace.

Take a look at your whois and DNS Report

Your NS records at the parent servers are: [] [TTL=172800] [AU] [] [TTL=172800] [AU] [] [TTL=172800] [AU]
[These were obtained from]

Your NS records at your nameservers are: [] [TTL=86400] [] [TTL=86400]

Which explains why you can see your directories in your DH space via ftp, but not via http. If you are hosting a domain on DH you need to set your DNS records to use DH nameservers (,, and Normally, this is done at your registrar.

If, however, you are hosting on another host, you will need to be more creative to host on DH and have DNS work. There are many threads about this situation on the forums which explain this process, including this recent thread on pointing DNS at subdomains