Subdomain in address bar

With the web admin panel, I set a subdomain to redirect but this changes the url in the browser. With my previous host I had a subdomain setup so the subdomain stayed in the browser and all the links thus kept the supdomain. ( How can I configure this here? I was guessing I might need to edit the .htaccess but I don’t know where to begin.

Go to Domains -> Web
and Edit the subdomain.

You want to switch the web service to

o Display another site at your domain (using a frame; browser URL remains the same).


o A Mirrored Domain (a domain that mirrors another site’s content / browser URL remains the same).

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If you make a Redirect, then you get this behaviour.
You could change it to Mirror - then the URL stays the same.
Go to your Manage Domains tab and click Edit for the subdomain, then read the explanations to each choice. This should make it clear to you.

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I’ve tried all of these options and that’s not what I want. I would just like the subdomain to point to a folder on my domain with no redirecting. My last host did this automatically. So intead of going I could use to get to the same place.