Subdomain, how long till its available


I’ve read a few posts saying that after setting up a subdomain, it may take anywhere from 1-5 hours before it’s actually done and pointing to where you’ve directed it.

My question is, I noticed after setting up a subdomain, there is a clock icon next to it for a few minutes. Does this clock going away signal the domain is available? I set up a temp domain for my site to a few hours ago, the icon is gone, and the site is still not there. I am patient, but I don’t wanna wait when there might be something else I need to do to get this to work.


It’s just to indicate that setting up the sub-domain takes ‘time’. It doesn’t mean that when the icon has gone it will be ready :slight_smile: .

You’ll also see it when you set up email accounts.



Well, I can understand that is can take a couple hours to populate. I really hope I can get this working since I want to have sub-domains for my blog and gallery and such.



What you might find useful is to precreate a few subdomains and MySql databases so that they are ready for the day when you suddenly need one or the other. Afterall there is plenty of disk space :slight_smile: .

It will probably be difficult to decide beforehand on a subdomain but you can start with ‘test1’ and rename it later (adjusting any pathnames of course). Unless you want something like or etc.

The database name is not such of a problem so it to can be something like test123. It’s the table names under the database that matter. Unless of course unusually a piece of software demands a specific database name.