Subdomain hosting only


i currently use zoneedit to manage all of the subdomains/mailservers etc. for my domain The actual hosting for this site is spread across three or so different servers depending on subdomain and mail is handled on another server

if i wanted to move just one of the subdomains over to dreamhost for now, e.g., can this be done? i tried it as a test with a new subdomain in zoneedit and gave it the first dreamhost IP address as specified in the domains setting of the dh control panel but this doesn’t seem to have worked. traceroute appears to work and trace correctly but no site appears in my web browser

Eventually i will be moving the entire hosting and DNS management over to dreamhost but the only pressing thing for now is for me to move and leave that host behind

any ideas/pointers?

Do i have to move entire hosting/DNS management over to dreamhost and can I then setup the DNS so that the other subdomains are on their existing non-dreamhost servers? is the IP address of one of the Dreamhost DNS servers. You need to find the IP address your site is hosted on. You can do this by querying the Dreamhost DNS servers directly once the subdomain is set up.

SSH into your Dreamhost account and run the following command to get the IP address you need to setup with zoneedit:

dig +short a

For, the IP address you need is