Subdomain hosted elsewhere trouble


Hi, I have a subdomain setup on another web host that is pointing to the Dreamhost DNS ip. I can’t seem to find a way to make it so I can add the subdomain to my Dreamhost account as a “full account”. Am I doing this wrong?



Your question is a bit confusing but I will try to answer u with what I understood. If you want to setup a subdomain as a full domain you take the same steps as you would take adding a regular domain. Now if the sub domain is already hosted on dreamhost in another account you wont be able to add it in yours until you delete it in the other account…

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My problem is exactly opposite. Dreamhost is hosting my subdomain. I have one domain and two subdomains. One of them is hosted by dreamhost. The other subdomain works fine. The one hosted by dreamhost does not work. I have submitted the appropriate A record and MX record to my ISP’s DNS for changes. Using NSLOOKUP reveals that this is reporting correctly. The MX record now points to dreamhosts mail servers. It has been a week since this has propagated and mail coming from the subdomain hosted on Dreamhost still does not come through.

I’m thinking about using the custom MX records feature but do not have much experience with it. Since it does not work right now, I’m not afraid of breaking anything.

This has been going on for two weeks now. I have an ad due out in a magazine in 9 days so timing is becoming crucial. Yes, I do have an open ticket with dreamhost support but I’m becoming desperate.