Subdomain hosted by other users

Is there anyway I can let another dreamhost user host a subdomain of a domain that I control?

This is so diskspace and BW of the subdomain will be reflected in his account (I don’t want him using my BW, yes I know he wont be able to consume much BW)

I don’t think this is possible.

In order for your friend to host the sub-domain, they would first need to add the parent domain to the hosting system to prevent the system from throwing an error when adding the sub-domain. However, they will not be able to add the parent domain if it has already been added under your account.

Edit: One option may be to have your friend setup an entirely different sub-domain under his account, then set the sub-domain under your account to re-direct to his sub-domain, if that makes any sense. :wink:


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This won’t work for me because site visitors will notice the redirection (address change in browser). I need it to remain the same.

I’ve tried setting account priviliges, but as you mentioned it still doesn’t work.

any other opinions?

the only option I see is for u to create the subdomain on your account for a new user, and then change the permitions of that subdomain and user to your friend account. maybe even remove it all together from your account when it shows up on your friend.

If not, send DH a ticket, and post back here.

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Probably not, at least with regards to whose disk and BW pays the tab. I can’t find any tricksy DNS settings that would be of any help either, so chances are if this is do-able at all it’d require some special dispensation and help from DH staff.

Unfortunately, doing what you want would be a whole lot easier if your friend was hosted somewhere other than DreamHost, but why would he want to do that? :wink:


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