Subdomain host only, not full domain?

Hi all. I’m looking to hear from anyone who may have done something along these lines. I work for an organization, say, and we run all of the dns/web/mail &c. We want to have a small application set up an run on a DH account which we would like to call, for example, My thinking is that we will locally need to put an NS record into the local zone saying that is in the DH DNS, from there I can run the web (on and mysql setup (

If anyone has tried this, am I missing something? Does the local DH DNS for the subdomain play nicely with the master zone outside of DH? Any pitfalls?

Thanks in advance. I have an issue in with support about setting this up, but thought it would be good to hear from anyone who may have tried this before.



We can delegate the subdomain to you, but it’s probably easier to just have us add an A record pointing to the IP address of your machine, and the same for the database. If you need to make frequent changes, or need it to be delegated to you for some other reason, we can make this happen too.

Thanks Will, but you may have the problem reversed. The zone /DNS administration is done here, where I work. We want to have a subdomain run on DH, so I guess the question is whether we would need to put an A record here with the host name pointing to DH, or if we chould just NS the subdomain to SH instead. The only frequent changes would be to accommodate databases (assuming that it is really one mysql db per host name, I have never been able to add a second db to any of my mysql fake host names).

Does this make sense now? I tried to add the subdomain through the domain box in the panel, but it said that it could only add a subdomain if the full domain were registered first – which we do not want to do.



could he possibly do a subdomain, the point his DNS of to

The problem is that we need to maintain the original domain in the URL, we’re an educational institution and we will be using the site to collect data from parents, so the site needs to be part of the “official” domain. I know that in the end it doesn not make a real difference, but it is a matter of policy.



hmmm, I just tried using the DH web panel to do what I wanted to do, and it wont let me. I know In QuickDNS Pro one can take a domain and point it to another domain. Of course, I’ve never done that with shared IPs so now that I think about it, it probably wouldn’t work…


Well, I think that the shared IP should not be a problem, that would be fixed in the apache vhosts file (or however DH does it). Setting up a dns zone for a “subdomain” is really no different than for an normal domain, so long as it is delegated properly with NS entries in the master zone. Anyway, thanks for taking a shot.


The problem is that the IP might change. Our system generally assumes that we’re authoritative for the domain. Adding a unique IP will reduce the chances that your IP will change without warning, but it could still happen.

You could add a unique IP to a ‘’ domain, setup the domain as a mirror, and then make a CNAME to However, since you can’t have a CNAME at a zone’s apex (i.e., itself can’t be a CNAME), you wouldn’t be able to point just there.

By the way, w/r/t adding a subdomain without adding the domain itself, there’s currently no good way to do this, so you’d need to add the domain, disable all services for it, and then add the subdomain. Make sure to disable the mail and DNS services especially.

OK, so could I just use a CNAME to begin with and not worry about the static IP address. I could make in CNAME

Then if addresses change in the DH domain my subdomain will follow it as the address will presumably be updated. Am I right? I’m not clear on why you would necessarily need to have a static IP address and mirroring.


–chris in CNAME

Not necessarily… because the two won’t necessarily be hosted on the same Apache instance. I think you’d want to use a unique IP to be totally sure. If you add a unique IP, then will always serve up the content it’s supposed to, even if httpd.conf isn’t setup to serve pages for If you don’t add a unique IP, and is on a different Apache instance, you’ll get the bad_httpd_conf error.

You could also write a script that queries our nameservers daily (or hourly) for a change, and then updates your zone file accordingly. Kind of a pain, but this would work.

We’re hoping to setup a notification service so that people can ask to be notified if certain DNS records change.

You could also delegate the subdomain to us… maybe this is what you were getting at initially (I think I misunderstood your initial message). In that case, we’d need to do some magic on our side to create a separate zone for the subdomain itself. If you want to try this, send me a message c/o support and I’ll figure out a way to make it happen.

Thanks Will. The original request was to try to get is set up so that we could do in NS

Upon further thought, though, we probably do not want to do that. We are going with the static IP and that should keep things simple. Thanks,


OK, I have a static IP for and IN CNAME

and it is throwing bad_httpd_conf when I try to go to, though works. Any thoughts? Thanks,


I see: 86400 IN CNAME 14400 IN A

and that works fine for me (both sites show up in a browser).

If you did exactly this: IN CNAME

it’s probably not working because you reversed the a and e.