Subdomain help?

I’ve got two domains registered elsewhere but hosted on DH with no problems. I’m trying to add a subdomain to one of them ( but can’t seem to get it to work.

I’ve set it up in the control panel just the same as I did with the two domains and I can get on through FTP.
I created the subdomain at the place I have the domains registered. I have tried leaving the DNS default for a couple days but it didn’t work. I’ve also tried putting in the DH DNS information but after a couple days it didn’t work either.

As it is, the is using 1and1 nameservers but a DNS check shows it points to DH’s nameservers.

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

I am not exactly sure how you have things configured.

Generally, if you have the domains registered elsewhere, but hosted at DreamHost, you would simply set the name servers at your registrar to etc. then add the domains to the DreamHost hosting system at Domains -> Manage Domains -> Add New Domain / Sub-Domain.

If you have the parent domains configured like this, adding a sub-domain should be a simple matter of adding it via the DreamHost panel (also using Add New Domain / Sub-Domain), you do not need to configure anything at your registrar for the sub-domain, since the DreamHost name servers are handling DNS for the parent domain.

Remember, after changing the name servers, it can take a while (up to 72 hours) for the new DNS info to propagate across the Internet.


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Okay, that’s probably what I did wrong then. I shouldn’t have also created the subdomain at my registrar. I just assumed I would have to as the domain itself is listed there.

I’ll remove it and see what happens. Thanks.

I still cannot get this to work. is hosted on DH. The domain is registered through 1&1 and I have it pointing to the DH nameservers. It’s working fine.

I added as a subdomain in DH control panel and deleted the reference of it on 1&1.

It’s going to be something silly and easy I know. I’ve just never done anything with subdomains before.

Couple screenshots which may or may not help.

I get some weird results from a lookup of your subdomain from my home: has address has address
Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)
Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

Oddly enough, when I do this lookup from a DreamHost server, nothing comes back.

It could very well be that DNS needs to catch up with all of your changes, which may take a couple of days. Your setup looks correct, so hopefully it’ll clear itself up soon.

[edit] I suggest you click on that Control Panel DNS link for and see that the DNS records look correct.


Alright, I’ll give it a few days and see if it starts working.

Here is the DNS info from the DH control panel.

Thanks btw.

The DNS records look good. Just wait for the old DNS cache to expire, which can be up to 3 days.