Subdomain help?

Hi, I set up three subdomains using the “Add a domain/subdomain” link. I did two about ten hours ago and one about four hours ago. The one I did four hours ago seems to be working as I get an “index of” directory listing page when I browse to it. But the ones I set up ten hours ago don’t work. I get a “cannot find server” page when I click the “visit” link in the domain management page.

have I done something wrong? does it usually take some sub domains that long to start working? I’m just wondering if I should delete them and try again, or if I should wait a little longer…

Hi, Bratgirl!

If you made them all “the same way” it’s not likely you did it wrong :slight_smile: . They do take some time to “go live”, they don’t necessarily “go live” in the same order in which you created them, and they can take varying amounts of time to “go live”.

It’s also complicated by ISPs, and browsers, caching DNS entries, as well as browsers caching pages. I’d suggest you wait a bit longer, clear all your caches, and check again - if you did them correctly they will appear eventually.

You can also go back to the Control Panel–>Manage Domains screen and check to see if they have been added. If they are “pending” you will see a small “clock” icon next to the sub-domain name (which will go away upon revisiting that page once they are “completed” on the DH end). If the sub-domains are not there at all, something went wrong and you should re-do them. If they are there, and have no “clock icon”, the you are just in the “waiting” period for DNS to make its way across the web.