Subdomain has disappeared!

Has anyone else had this problem? Sometime in the last 24 hours, one of my subdomains has simply disappeared. It doesn’t show up under the Manage tab, and the DNS servers don’t know about it any more. Yet the folder and all its files are still there (or seem to be), and the web panel won’t let me add the domain back - it says it is already configured and that I should use the Manage tab to edit it.

The Support queue is up to 530 messages so I’m not expecting an answer any time soon :frowning:

I still have had no response to this issue, 29 hours after emailing support. What is going on here? Dreamhost support used to be top-notch - now it seems as if they have totally lost it as far as customer service goes.

I lost three domains exactly as you described earlier today. They dissappeared from the web panel, and when I tried to add one of them back, I got the message that it was already configured. Now when I logon to the web panel, I can see the domains listed just as they were, but my site and email are still dead. I’ve never had anything like this happen before, and as you know, all there is to do is wait on dreamhost to do something.