Subdomain + gallery


Im trying to set up a subdomain have a gallery one click install on it. What I did to set up the subdomain was to use and I did this in the panel using the words images. I made it a type A record with the value of the ip address of Is this correct? Also when go to one click install gallery I dont see where I can select the images subdomain to install there.


The easiest way to achieve what you want would be to create a fully hosted sub-domain through the panel in Domains -> Manage Domains -> Add New Domain / Sub-Domain. You don’t need to manually configure the DNS records to create a sub-domain.

This will create a new sub-directory in your home directory corresponding to your sub-domain. The Gallery one-click install should then work fine to the sub-domain.


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Thanks for the reply but now I have a new problem. I did it the fully hosted way and it worked for however would not work I would get a bad_httpd_conf message when trying to go to it. So I removed the subdomain and tried readding it to remove www when going to the address. Its been about an hour and its still saying that record is in our DNS system so I cant add it. When I am finally able to add it what are the steps to ensure will work correctly?


Did you remove the DNS record that you manually added for your sub-domain before attempting to add it via the Add Domain / Sub-Domain method?

The bad_httpd_conf error can sometimes be rectified by going back into Manage Domains, clicking Edit on the relevant domain then clicking Change Fully Hosted Settings Now!, without actually making any changes. This causes the Apache conf file to be rebuilt.

You just need to make sure that the correct option is selected in the How do you like the www in your URL? section when creating your sub-domain.

Also, I should point out that it will take some time before your sub-domains DNS information has propagated across the Internet and is fully usable.


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