Subdomain ftp

I know I just made a post today with another problem, someone helped me figure it out…but it seems im just running into all sorts of issues today with My hosting.

I made a subdomain for a friend. And when she goes to upload files…they upload…but they dont show up. Like for instance, she uploads her index.html, and the coding is correct, Ive looked at it…when you go to her site, it wont show up…and im stumped at what to do.

Did she upload it into her directory?


Where is your friend uploading to exactly? Is she uploading to the correct folder?

yep, i went into her ftp myself and looked, and its in the correct folder. shrugs

Did the dns need to be changed?

no, apparently she said it works now. I guess the subdomain wasnt in effect, it took like 6 hours to take in effect…which was odd casue Ive hosted subdomains before and it didnt take that long. Was dreamhost lagging for any reason today?

DNS updates on a cycle, so it’s possible she just missed the last cycle. But sometimes DNS does just lag in general.


alright, that must have been the problem then!