Subdomain + FTP user

I have
Before SimpleCDN got shut down, I also had and Both had an FTP user (two accounts).
How do I temporarily replicate this on Dreamhost (until I find another cloud provider) where I have and and an FTP user to both?

Thank you.

Okay, this is what I did:

I created a fully hosted subdomain using the same user as The document root was set to /home/username/ (this was the default value, so I did not have to change this). I already had the files for both subdomains at these locations, and Dreamhost did not delete the files upon creating the fully hosted subdomains.

Next, I edited each subdomain after creation and selected Create a new user from the drop down list. I was given the option that the files would automatically be moved to this new user (checked by default, so you do not need to do anything here). I entered in the username I wanted, and submitted my modified changes.

Then I changed the passwords of these two new FTP user accounts to the ones I had on SimpleCDN.

And finally, I plopped in an .htaccess with the following contents into the document root of both subdomains (so that directory listings would not be generated):

[code] order allow,deny
allow from all

Prevent access to HTAccess

<Files .htaccess>
order allow,deny
deny from all

IndexIgnore *[/code]

An easier way to disable directory indexes is simply:

Denying access to .htaccess is redundant — all files with names starting with “.ht” (e.g, htaccess, htpasswd, etc.) always have access disabled in the web server configuration.