Subdomain for WordPress testing

Somewhere, I got a hint that I could create a subdomain to install Joomla into, test Joomla in the subdomain, and migrate to the main domain when and if the Joomla content is complete. Maybe it was in the Joomla Wiki. Is this a recommended path for WordPress testing as well. Didn’t see anything about this in the WordPress wiki.

Yeah, just use any old sub-domain at your disposal.

Bang a blocking robots.txt in it so Google et al don’t spider it while it’s being developed.

Is one of these subdomains a good place to also test out Google Apps and Gmail?

I’d avoid that. Google Apps automatically creates its own test domains of the form “”. Trying to set up Google Apps on a domain that you don’t intend to use it on may end up causing the test domain to show up later on instead of the real domain.

To late, I already did it.