Subdomain for Subdirectory

If I have a site already hosted by DreamHost and my directory tree looks like:

How do I set up the subdomain in the Control Panel to use /dir4 as my subdomain so that it can be accessed by: ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Well could be anything, but I assume you want the name for effect.

  1. Create the subdomain “
  2. Create the folder “dir5” within that subdomain.
  3. In the control panel, go to Domains > Remap Sub-Dir.
  4. Enter the correct directory you want to map, in this case “
  5. Enter then path where you want the files to be reached, in this case “home/username/”

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Or, since there is more than one way to skin a cat, you can also set up the subdomain fully-hosted with as its root directory, or you can set the subdomain up as a redirected domain to the full address within the main domain of the appropriate path.

– Dan