Subdomain FAQ?

Hi… I am very new to this. Where can I go about finding out info on Dreamhost about what fully hosted/ mirror etc relating to subdomains?

I have a domain, got it free with dreamhost 2 yr package. I want a second domain and I went to godaddy… but it asks for nameservers- I have no idea what that is… and then when reading info here on Dreamhost there is information for full domains and mirrors etc and I really do not know what any of this means. I want to have 2 websites, but on the same space (I do notwant to buy another 2 year package). What is the best way to go about this?

You just need to set the nameservers at godaddy to

Make sure that you go to the domains >> add domain, add your new domain.

If you want the second domain to be an exact replica of the first domain, you can mirror. If that domain is to be different choose fully host. Also, remember that it will take up to two days for the nameservers to propogate throughout the web.

You can also, look at the kbase

When you say exact replica- does that mean whatever is at my other domain will be on this domain also? Like for example, if I have a site of text up on the index page of my other domain, the new domain then would have the same exact text?

Sorry- this is all so very new to me… I appreciate all your help!!

yes, it would be exact, with the exception that in your internet address bar, it could say or

as an example…

I have mirroring

They are the same, I upload my files only to protoolstraining, and in promediatrainings site, you see the exact same new changes.


Ah I see. So I should have it be fully hosted since I want it to be an entirely new site. Out of curiosity- what would be a purpose of mirroring- like the example you provided?

Say you have a parent company, and a bunch of companys under it. And, one of those companys is the main focus of the parent company, hence mirror one to the other in this case. I am sure there are other reasons why someone might use mirror, but in this case, one is a parent company which is mostly known for one particular product.

Also, I am quite sure that mirroring a site at dreamhost does not use up one of your domains.

None of the above discussion actually has anything to do with subdomains, despite the subject line. A subdomain is a domain within an existing domain, like if you already own No separate registrations (e.g., at GoDaddy, or through DH’s domain registration service) are needed for subdomains; you just have to maintain the registration for the parent domain. A subdomain can be fully-hosted, mirrored, or parked just like a regular domain, but you have a larger number of them in a DH account than you have regular domains.

– Dan

People also mirror when they have more than one domain, say and, or if they have bought up variations of their name to prevent others from using them. Also, if you’ve been using one domain for a while and change it, you might want to mirror the content at the old address for awhile.

Purists believe that one domain should do, and sub domains should be used to create names for different sections or projects related to your main domain name.

Subdomains at dreamhost can be used by different owners, or company departments, for example, with different usernames and access privileges.

Ok… i be back :slight_smile:

I figured out what I want my other domain name to be. I am pretty sure if I understood everything I want it to be fully hosted. I have (firstdomain = current domain hosted & registered with dreamhost).

Now I have 2 more domains I want. If I read correctly my package supports 3 domains here is copy/paste of what was on my acct:

Domain Registration 1 out of 1
FTP Users 3 out of 75

  • who also have shell access 0 out of 75
    Mailboxes 5 out of 600
    Storage Space (MB) 236.543 out of 3720
    Mirror/Parked/Redirect Domains 0 out of unlimited
    Full Domains 1 out of 3
    Sub Domains 0 out of 15
    Bandwidth Usage (GB/Month) 0 out of 186
    MySQL Databases 3 out of unlimited
    Quicktime Streaming Domains 0 out of unlimited

(1) On this plan I get 2 more domains, right?

Now I want to get 2 new domains, but I do not want them having anything to do with my current domain. But I want domain # 3 to mirror domain # 2. (When someone types in I want it to go to So if I understand everything, I need domain#3 to mirror domain#2 while having domain #2 fully hosted. Is this correct…

(2) in that domain#2 I would choose fully hosted and domain#3 I would have mirror/reflect?

And doing it this way neither of these 2 would have anything to do with what I currently have as a domain, right?

(3) The booster packs those are only if I want more than what my plan offers… meaning I use up all 3 domains and want more, right?

(4) Does Dreamhost when registering offer private hosting (can’t be found out by whois) ? I keep looking but have not found it or how much it would be.

(5) These new domains would use everything on my current account, bandwidth, storage etc, right?

So much to learn but I think I have ocme a long way!

yes Dreamhost offers mirroring, Your package can have 3 domains as stated, and those 3 domains all share the diskspace and bandwidth. So they all accumilate.

When u register a somain through dreamhost or any other hosting company, and you place it here at deamhost for hosting (DNS server), You COULD route that domain to your original domain (mirror), with a simple click. You can do so with ur other 2 domains.

D’omain #1
-> Domain #2 mirrors Domain #1
-> Domain #3 mirrors Domain #1

Ok… here is my update.

I currently have at dreamhost
I then registered at another site domain#2 and set the nameservers to dreamhost. and selected fully host. (I do nto want this to be a mirrored replica of domain#1).

Now when I and put in my username (same username and password as domain#1) I get three files called:, logs, and Maildir

Why do I not see a folder for ? btw it also shows the webmail up for domain#2.

How long ago did you add it?

It takes time for everything to get set up on Dreamhost’s servers, then everything needs to propogate throughout the www

Hi :slight_smile:

I added it yesterday. When I did it with first domain, I was able to connect to and ftp that way right away… which I am able to get to this time but nothing showing my domain#2.

I am worried that I used the same username as domain#1. Will that have any impact? Also… when I go to I see the insert page dreamhost put on for me that it is coming soon. Wouldn’t that lead one to believe it is ready for ftp? btw I also see that the webmail is up for domain#2.

Hi Lilyrain

What you might want to do is just contact support. I remember adding a subdomain once that never showed up in my ftp client, but was showing in my Admin Panel.

yeah… it shows up in my panel too, webmail shows, everything shows… except for it on the ftp.

I did send in ticket to customer support. I know in the past they have always contacted me very soon… so hopefully they still do :slight_smile:

Unless there is something else I am still missing here.

If everything is done correctly… in the ftp what exactly should I see there?

folders I currently have are:, logs, maildir

should I have, logs, maildir AND ? OR what should I exactly see there? I really hope I did everything correctly.

EDIT: When I go into web panel and i click on domains then click on manage. For my domain #1 it shows ability to upload.
Domain#1 however it says Site Is “Parked.”.

What does this mean?

rawr… I fixed it!

Maybe in 10 yrs I can give advice in this forum… lol

I went into web panel and under domains clicked web… then went into my domain#2 and voila… I clicked fully hosted radio button… the parked button was checked before. I now have ftp!

does a happy dance