Subdomain Error

I may be doing something wrong, but when I try to setup a subdomain (whether it be hosted or redirected) I get an error saying “Can’t add domain: already in our DNS system.” I am entirely confused on how to setup a subdomain with DH (I just switched to DH yesterday).

Thanks for any assistance.

They are having major DNS problems. Things are not working correctly. Please stand by.

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Did you get your domain get set up properly?

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Yes, it is a transfered domain. I can hit the site fine on the new server, but when i try to add a subdomain I am getting that error.

And just to clarify, you want a subdomain, or a additional domain?

ie, you have a domain such as, and you want, or you have a completely different domain name?

I’ve known people to intermix what they actually mean by their reference of ‘sub-domain’.


Here’s the jist of it. I host my email using Google Apps for both my personal email and my church email. I am trying to setup a subdomain of (in this case to redirect to the appropriate Google address. Whenever I enter in and the Google address in the two boxes for redirect I get that error.

I also get that error if I try added it as a fully-hosted domain.

ok. so let me make sure I understand, you have the domain,, but there is no email defined within the domain settings in the DH panel, correct? I would assume not as I see your MX records all point to your googlemail server. I would assume that has been setup to send/receive email for that domain as well, and is working. The 2nd thing is that when I did a lookup on the DNS name of, it doesn’t resolve. So that sounds like you need to add the record to your DNS settings. So, if this sound correct, here’s what you need to do.

Panel -> Domains -> Manage Domains -> DNS(for the domain

Here you should put the following.

Name: webmail
Type: A
Value: Googles webmail page, or whatever page you what that URL( to point to.
Comment: Whatever you want for reference.

I believe that should accomplish what your trying to do. BTW, for your reference, what your trying to do is add a ‘HOST’ record, not a subdomain. :slight_smile:

Good Luck.


I tried adding an A record, but it rejected anything that was not an IP address. In this case I’m pointing to a specific directory on Google’s server. Therefore, from any of my experience, a DNS record cannot point to a subfolder, only to a host. Had I only been redirecting to say it would work, however in this case it is being redirected to

But I did get this resolved. I contacted DH support and they said that webmail is a reserved name therefore they had to add it for me manually. It is not one that I could add myself. Once they added it I was able to see it in my DH Panel as well as change the redirection as well as access it.

Thanks for everyone’s help!