SubDomain Email Configuration and Testing



I brand new to DH. I set up a subdomain of for testing before moving my real domain. This address resolves just fine. I read that I need to use as my incoming IMAP server. This address doesn’t resolve. doesn’t resolve either. What am I missing?



You won’t be able to configure mail on a subdomain… you will need a domain that you own.


Thanks for your reply.

So, then I can’t test before I go live?

My only issue with my current webhost and email provider is their email fragile IMAP interface. They use something called EmailArchitect. Perhaps I’ll just have to stay where I am then.



You can test as much as you want before you go live. You just can’t use a domain that you don’t own (in this case as the mail serving address. That would be mail spoofing. Just use your own legitimate mail serving address or a temporary gmail address w/e. If your tests rely on the local mailing architecture you could register a development domain name and use that as your testbed for the real domain.


Thank you for your responses.

However, the only issue seems to be that the and names hadn’t yet propagated the dns’s. The subdomain email is working fine now and I have begun testing.