Subdomain DNS vs Cloudflare


Hey guys!

My domain is hosted on Dreamhost, but I’m using Cloudflare DNS.

I just hosted a subdomain and Dreamhost tells me:

Also, must be using our nameservers to work:

Considering that I don’t want to use Cloudflare on the subdomain, how can i deal with this?
Just add these subdomains in addition to the Cloudflare ones on the domain settings? Will it mess with the cloudflare on the domain site?


You should be able to create A records for the sub-domain on the CloudFlare side that match what we have in the panel for it.
In your CloudFlare account, you should be able to just go to the Websites page and click the little settings COG to the far right of the domain, choose DNS settings, and create both and A records for the sub-domain to match the ones in our panel. to get those, you can go to the Manage Domains page in our panel and click “DNS” under the sub-domain in question

…if you need help click here and our support team will look into it ASAP

Matt C


Like this?
Oh nevermind, i found the right values for iwp and www.iwp
I added the values as fount in Dreamhost subdomain DNS panel: Non-editable DreamHost DNS records for

But i still can’t access the website… what am i missing?


If CloudFlare is managing your DNS (you’re signed up directly with CloudFlare) you most certainly need to add the entry in your CloudFlare DNS zone file (settings->DNS settings). If you don’t want us to proxy or cache the record, however, you can simply make sure the record is gray in the zone file for the cloud.