Subdomain DNS Issue

I created a new subdomain for my site via the “[Add New Domain / Sub-Domain]” link in the DH control panel and everything worked fine. I then decided that I wanted to change the web directory of that subdomain so I edited it and made the changes. I then found that my subdomain would only work properly by including “www” in the address - this was not the case before. I then deleted the subdomain and have waited over 10 hours. I cannot recreate the subdomain with the same name because the dns records are still listed as A records under my primary domain. They are listed under the “Non-editable DreamHost DNS” section.

My question, finally, is - will these subdomain records be deleted after some time, or do I have to get someone from DH to manually remove them? Or is there any other way to solve this problem?

Thanks, Matt

If this is the reason why you made so many changes, you can modify your subdomain by enabling “Both and work.”. Do this in DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains

If you want to delete your subdomain, I’ll suggest you to rename the folder back to the original folder first. By right, you should be able to delete the subdomain name you created yourself.

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Occasionally the A-Records associated with a sub-domain remain, even after the sub-domain has been removed from the system. This prevents you from re-adding the sub-domain to the system, as you have discovered.

Recently, I waited over a week for the A-Records to be deleted for a sub-domain I removed (and wanted to re-add). I ended up lodging a support request and support ran a manual DNS update on my domain, which removed the A-Records.


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Yeah I thought it would most likely be a time issue. I just lodged a support request so hopefully they’ll do a manual DSN update for me too.

Thanks Mark