Subdomain Creation and Use


I would like to create a subdomain under my main domain ( to use as a blog shop, but I am not sure if creating a subdomain is the correct way to go, nor whether I need to simply enter the desired subdomain name in “add new domain/subdomain” (such as “” or whether I need to have a shell site (such as an old blog) that I can upload as a subdomain and edit.

If the former, after I’ve entered the desired subdomain name (which I already know how to do), how do I access the site in order to edit and create the blog?

If the latter… I tried it already and it didn’t work.

If neither… what should I be doing instead?

Thank you in advance for your help!


OK, first shell/ftp/dns are completely different mechanisms.

The domain/subdomain entry is handled using the Add domain/subdomain button in the DH control panel. This is handled by the DH name servers and DNS. It may take a while before you can access the in a web browser. Normally about 2/4 hours has been my experience.

When you create that subdomain you need to specify a user. That user can be setup to have Shell or FTP/sFTP access to the domain directory. While DNS is propagating and doesn’t resolve to the basic DreamHost “hello world” page, you can access the domain directory by using the DH server name instead of the Your file/webserver name will be something like where foo is the name of the file server listed for your account in the DH control panel (upper right Account Status).

You can upload with your FTP client but I don’t think the WebFTP client will work unless you edit the settings to use the DH server and not your entry since DNS isn’t resolved yet.