Subdomain Confusion

Hello. I am new to the Dreamhost world and I need a little help…
I have already signed up someone to use one of the subdomains I get on the Insane plan. Her sub is and my domain is [obviously…]
Well she used ftp and put everything up, but, nothing is showing up on the web! What do I do???

So far it sounds like they did not upload the files into the “Document Root”, the directory in which the web server starts looking for web page files. The document root is usually a subdirectory within the user’s home directory.

Log into the Web Admin Panel and click on “Domains” then “Web”. Find the subdomain and click on “Edit”. Make sure the domain is set to “fully hosted” and note the “Web directory” settings. For my account it looks like “/home/username/subdomain”. That directory is where the files need to be.

Ok I did that, but now what shows up is Index of/
X_X Ahhh… ^^;

Maybe she didn’t name her default index file correctly. “index.html” is the normal name for this, though Dreamhost supports some other values as well. If your index isn’t one of the recognized values, it won’t show up by default and you’ll see a raw directory instead.

– Dan

But then the directory is actually empty, so she must not have uploaded anything yet, at least to the right place.