Subdomain blog for Wordpress

Hi everyone,

I’m new to this forum and I just opened a DreamHost account today. I am in the process of setting up a professional website for my online resume and bio, and there’s a strong possibility that I may want to add a blog later on.

My question is, since I would like a subdomain that reads “blog.(domain_name).com” in the browser address field, do I want to fully host or just “park” this domain if I am going to use Wordpress for blogging?

Thanks in advance, and sorry if this question has been asked before.

Fully host…

If the domain isn’t already added you may have to add it before you can add blog.(domain_name).com as fully hosted. That at least used to the the case…

Fully host it, wait until you can see the dreamhost coming soon page on your sub-domain in your browser, once that is there go do the one-click install for wordpress is the easiest way to start.

actually re-reading your post before I press Post, you don’t have to do anything with that domain until you are ready to use it, if the question is do you need to reserve the space?

Yeah, I need to reserve the space because I’m not ready to start a blog yet. I’m not even sure what the blog is going to be about at this point. But I might as well fully host it, right?

Sure, but you don’t have too… the sub-dominan space will still be there whether you reserve it now or not.

As Lakerat has said, there’s no need to “reserve” space. Just set it up when you need it. One reason to Fully Host more immediately might be for if you’d like to set up some Mail Accounts.

Also you won’t have to wait for DNS propogation :slight_smile: