Subdomain and FTP help


Sorry for being redundant, but I’m at a lost. Even with the wiki and reading the forums, I can’t find a simple explanation of what I want.

Heres the situation…

I have created a Subdirectory. I want to give FTP access to someone for that Subdirectory. I do not want them to access anything but what is contained in the subdirectory. I, as the main-site admin, would prefer to see the files in their subdirectory if possible.

How do I accomplish that?

For clarity’s sake, heres an extended example…

“Jeff” is given an FTP login.
I also create:
What do I need to do so “Jeff” only can access “” when going into FTP?

If I need to do the submap stuff, please explain and list every single step along the way. The wiki and posts over-simplify the process. I need a basic tutorial in this regard.

Thank you in advance.


Okay…I may have found the solution myself, but it raised a second issue.

I had uploaded the files to the subdomain, but after doing so, they were not visible under the secondary FTP user. So “Jeff” could not see the files, but I could.

Seeing as how I’m going to try and teach my buddy “Jeff” what CSS and everything else is, I really need to look at the files and be able to see how he is working on stuff. Rather then logging in under the “Jeff” FTP account, is it possible for my Admin account to view the files that “Jeff” uploads?


If you’ve created the subdomain for user Jeff, you should be able to see his files in his home directory since he’s part of your group. You won’t be able to edit them, though. This is what works for me.