Sub5 still doesn't work for me

According to the status page, the sub5 mail system was fixed yesterday, but I still can’t connect to IMAP or SMTP on either of the two domains I have at Dreamhost. Am I alone in this?

Meanwhile, I discovered I could access my mail if I’m on a different network. Back to my original, and no access.

So, I’m being blackholed. Even though I just installed those two domains and have sent less than a handful of messages spread over several days. My least used mail domains by far.

That is one trigger happy blackholing system there.

Yes I have exactly the same problem. I am also on the sub5 system and since yesterday cannot connect to IMAP or SMTP. Just like you if I switch network I can connect.

Fix this please Dreamhost (along with email generally).


After asking specifically to lift the blacklisting for my IP, they did. It now works.

I figure that what happened was: their server was down an extended period, and during that period our mail clients had a high number of failed connections, triggering the blackhole filter.

The thing is, DH ought to clear out those filter lists automatically after getting the servers back online. We shouldn’t have to ask for that. Also, if we don’t ask for it, the blackholing remains permanent, no timeout.

Same thing happened with me. Homiemail-sub5 went down. My ip was blocked when it came back up. I waited a few hours for my email to come back on its own, thinking “resolved” was a bit aspirational, then contacted customer support who told me my ip had been blocked. Support released the block.