is on several RBL blacklists

I’ve been unable to send email to a few people for over two weeks now. I’ve submitted multiple support tickets.

Yet as of today, is still blacklisted by several RBL lists.


Of note, TrendMicro’s blacklist is one of them, and this seems to be in wide use:

Can we get some help here, DreamHost?

I’m having this problem also. Were you able to find a work-around?

I have more than one DreamHost account; one of them uses sub4 as the mail server, so I was able to temporarily use that for outgoing mail.

If you have an ISP (e.g. cable modem, DSL, etc.) they often provide you with an outgoing SMTP server - in some cases they will allow you to send email with a From address that matches your dreamiest domain name - but in many cases they won’t allow it.