Sub remap.. .cgi/php support

Hello guys, I dont wanna sound like an idiot. I have read that even though you remap a subdir of your domain to another user, their cgi/php scripts wont work, cause all scripts must be owned by only one user.

We are a group of people working on a big project, I have given them accounts, I would like them to have the ability to write php scripts too, that can be run. What are possible solutions? I have just thought of some very weird solutions to my problem, here they are:

  • Having a php script run every 30ish second copying material from their subdirectory to my directory, (then i will become the owner). Running as a cron job or something, which i dont even know if we have access to.

Have you or or do you know the solution to my problem? Please help me :slight_smile:

No its ok, I think i fixed it.