Sub or full domain?



I’ve posted this in the beginners forum but thought it was better placed here.

Basically I’m hosted with DH with a default subdomain

I now want to host my other sites with DH under this account.

I’ve set up the other domain folders in the “manage domains” control pannel and set up the new email accounts also. Now that I’m about to change over the DNS info with my domain register company I have a few qeustions…

Can I host a full domain under the default DH (sub)domain name I have?

Because my main DH host in essentially a subdomain within DH ( will this affect the other sites that I’m about to switch over, all of which have their own registered domain names (eg. ?

And will the other sites be accessible by there own domain names when I make the DNS switch?

I’m just a little freaked about loosing email and the sites no being available etc.

Thanks for any help



Yes, you can. It doesn’t matter what domain name your first one was. Just go to manage domains and add a new domain name and have it fully hosted. When you say you made the folders yourself, you mean like created them via ftp? You probably want to delete that and just add a new domain. The folders are made automatically.

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Thanks for that Ryo-ohki,

That gives me what i need to know “It doesn’t matter what domain name your first one was.”

I didn’t make the folder myself via ftp, the ‘manage domains’ tool made it, so that all good too.

so it looks like I’m good to go , just waiting for my final DNS registrar to send me some info and I’m there!