Sub-hosting friends

So, I’ve tried wrapping my brains around the panel, looked in the wiki etc, but have yet been able to set up a sub-hosting the way I’d like.

Basically, I’d like to set up a hosted sub-domain, and make a FTP access that’ll only access that sub-domain.
I’ve managed to make an sub-domain, and a FTP access, but I can’t seem to get those two connected.
Honestly, I didn’t fully understand how to access the sub-domain properly.

Any insight on this, and an explanation on how to exactly set it up like that would be greatly appreciated.

This is easy to do…

Create a new user in the usual way but make sure you give them FTP access only.

Visit the “Manage Domains” page and “add new domain / sub-domain”. Type in the full address of the subdomain (ie. and select the user you just created in the list, then hit “Fully host this domain”.

When you FTP in you should find a folder named the same as the subdomain and it is in here you want to put your internet-visible files.

Your post does a great job of explaining how the Original Poster should set it up, but he might need to understand that he can’t see that sub-domain when he is logged in…maybe he would understand it better if he was told,

If the OP wants to to “see” that sub-domain, and files, he needs to login as that user. :wink:


You two have shed light on all my issues (so far XD ).
Thanks a bunch !