My question is a very simple one, if anyone can help me.

I want to add 2 or 3 subdomains to my existing domain, and am not clear on whether there is a charge to do this or not. I already paid up front for my first 6 months of regular hosting.

That’s all, thanks!



Erm, well I did a bit of searching around the DH site, and found that sub-domains require the Sweet Dreams plan, while I signed up and paid for 6 months of Crazy Domain Insane.

I can’t afford that, so…so much for my sub-domains!



I’m pretty sure you can add them to any domain. I was adding extra domains onto my Crazy Domain Insane plan long before I graduated to the higher plans. You do have to pay a bit extra though.




Thanks, Lynna.

I may still add a couple of subdomains to my account, I’m just not sure how much they’d cost beyond the Crazy Domain Insane, or whether I should just get the Sweet Dreams plan and be done with it, lol.



Hello Bob,

Just a personal preference, that’s all. :slight_smile:



I think you’d have to be crazy to pay 4.95 for a subdomain.

I LOVE dreamhost, but some of their prices are so far out of whack it puzzles me.

You can have the lowest plan for around 10 bucks month, but a sub domain cost half that?



Ardco writes:

[quote]I was wondering why it’s better to have
versus , when the latter is an option
under any plan?


Well, for me, subdomains allow me to use site-root relative domains rather than document-relative ones (i.e. /images/title.gif rather than …/…/images/title.gif or whatever), without the paths breaking when the site is eventually ready to upload to the client’s domain. And the site-root relative paths are important when using some of Dreamweaver’s site managemen features, like library items and templates. If I want to create a template that I can use at any of several different directory levels, then the paths in it have to relative to the site root and not to any one instance of that template.

But I had forgotten that on the lower accounts subdomains cost the same as extra domains. I’m on Strictly Business so I get a zillion subdomains included with my plan.




I agree subdomains are desirable. I think with the pricing they’re trying to push users to higher priced plans.

That’s the only reason I can think for their pricing scheme.


I can only blame myself for not reading Dreamhost’s site and plan details carefully enough beforehand.

Subdomains are definitely the way I want to go, with three subdomains, as each is quite separate from the others in content. So I am looking at upgrading to Sweet Dreams, which includes I believe up to 5 subdomains. It’s not exactly what I was hoping to pay, but it’s my own fault for not reading the details on the different plans more carefully.

On the other hand, I’ve known hosts where subdomains are free on an economy plan, and maybe on some level I was thinking (hoping?) that this would be the case. But it’s cool, I’m not gonna complain. :slight_smile:



[quote]I think you’d have to be crazy to pay 4.95 for a subdomain.
I LOVE dreamhost, but some of their prices are so far out of whack it puzzles me.
You can have the lowest plan for around 10 bucks month, but a sub domain cost half that?


If you add a subdomain for $5, it has all the features of your hosting plan.
If you get another plan for $10, it doesn’t have CGI or MySQL or secure hosting or any of the other features you may need. You spend your life logging off one account and onto another, instead of being able to manage all the websites through one account.

With multiple domains on one account, your CGIs can share data easily using ZERO bandwidth, and with some forethought, they can share code as well.

And if you are paying the $5 for another domain, it doesn’t have to be a subdomain. It can be a completely different domain. That means you can host and on your plan at a cost to you of only $5 each, which leaves lots of room for markup without pricing yourself out of the market.


The lowest price plan, which I’m on, doesn’t have cgi or mysql, so none of that really applies to me.

Getting more domains under one account may make sense, but adding subdomains to the lowest plan is just like throwing money out the window imho.


Paying $5 for that subdomain, rather than $12.50, is throwing away money?


A little follow-up.

I decided to heck with compartmentalizing the content on my domain into subdomains. I am just putting it all there on the primary domain, and letting it fly. When my 6 months of prepaid hosting is up I might feel otherwise, but this is fine for now on my budget. Thanks, all.



On a tight budget? No doubt.

I would go from paying around 12 bucks to paying almost 18. That’s a big difference for me. I would be paying 18 dollars for a really ‘basic’ account. I’ve done enough pricing to know how that compares to what else is out there.

I love dreamhost, and I’m willing to pay more for the great service, but if I had to have subdomains, I’d be gone.


If I’m understanding you correctly, then yes, kind of. These three absolute paths:


would all be expressed as /subtopic/whatever.html if you wanted to use site-root-relative paths.

That way if you took the files and moved them from one domain to another, or up and down in the file hierarchy on one domain, the links would still work – because that initial slash always means “the root level of the domain this document is currently residing on”, no matter what domain that may be. And a link to /subtopic/whatever.html will take you to the same page no matter whether the page that link is on is located at /somepage.html, /somedirectory/somepage.html or /somedirectory/someotherdirectory/yetanotherdirectory/somepage.html – it references the page by where it is in relation to the root, not in relation to the page the link is on.