Sub domains work but not the main site?

I have a domain hosted here, it has 3 sub domains. Up until recently the main domain worked, late today it started to give the http_conf error.

I searched the site and found that going into edit the domain and re-press “fully host” would refresh the config file. I did this several times and it hasn’t worked.

I decided to try it again just now and i now get a “page can not be displayed” error, it has the same index as before when it worked, i can download it via ftp and view it but i can not access it via http.

This would make me think that the website was down, but none of the other 10 or so sites i host on DH have gone down, nor have the 3 subdomains of the domain in question. I can still use those with no issues at all.

Email is running fine on the main domain through IMAP, but the webmail subdomain isn’t working anymore, it was while i was getting the http_conf error though. I do need access to atleast the webmail subdomain as the company firewall blocks IMAP and POP.

Basically i’m wondering if there is something i have overlooked which could be the cause of such a problem, the main domain not working properly on the http side, but all of the subdomains working. I just find it odd that it would work fine for several weeks and then get an http conf error, then not work at all considering i havn’t done any editing of this domain in a while… the work has been on the rest of the ones i host on DH.

I am glad that i’m not losing email on it atleast, but it’d be nice to have the webpage functioning as it should.

Any help would be appreciated,


I have exactly the same problem, the stupid robot tells me everything is allright, but that’s not the case, my main domain is down!

same problem here

put in a support ticket about 12 hours ago and didn’t even get an automated response back that they received my support request

might have something to do with this:

[quote]DNS Issues
June 21, 2006 at 3:11 pm PST by Javier

We had some errant updates to our apache webservers which resulted in a few domains receiving the wrong IP. We are updating those now with the correct IP which should be completed within the next two hours. With the maximum time to live on DNS of two hours that means everything should be working within 2-4 hours at most.[/quote]

if it is the above my site should have been working an hour ago

Yeah i noticed that on the status page which is why i waited to file my ticket until just now.

I didn’t get an automated response back either, just FYI.


Mine is doing the same thing.

I have 3 sites hosted here, one is not working and when I ping it, it shows a completely different site.

my site is but when I ping it, it tries to ping

I don’t know why it’s not fixed yet, the update thing they have posted says it was supposed to be done by now.

I am still experiencing this issue, 3 hours after I got an email from support saying it would be fixed in 2 to 3 hours. Eight hours after the status page said the dns issues would be fixed in 2 to 4 hours. This is very discouraging. I replied to their support email and got an auto-response saying they would get back to me within 24 hours. What kind of joke is that? If it takes them 24 hours to fix this problem it will be the last 24 hours I host a site with them.

Yeah i’m still under my 97 days or whatever it is, this is the first major hurdle i’ve encountered. A few times things have gone down, but in reality… they don’t guarantee uptime and the hosting is dirt cheap for what you get compared to other plans.

Even with this outage, it’s only affected one site out of 10 or so that i host so it’s not like it’s collosal.

Can’t have it all, if it’s a critical website then there’s always the dedicated server option at 150 a month :smiley:

That being said, if the site goes down for days at a time that’d kind of annoy me enough to go with a slightly more expensive plan at an alternative host.

I posted in another topic and now I find there’re some more people talking about the same thing in this topic…

I have been experienced the same problem for 9 hours…


Yeah, some sort of problems with dns. 2 of my sites get resolved to a totally different page that they host, and 2 others are just down. Looks like it’s something that’s going to take awhile, but I bet they get it working soon. I don’t think it’s time to panic.

I awoke this morning to find that DH Tech support had fixed my website.

Apparently it was still due to the issue described on dreamhoststatus, they had to manually update the affected dns’s.

So if your site still isn’t working, just issue a support ticket and i’m sure they’ll get to you in turn.

This is just so everyone knows what ended up happening :slight_smile:

[quote]Can’t have it all, if it’s a critical website then there’s always the dedicated server option at 150 a month :smiley:

That being said, if the site goes down for days at a time that’d kind of annoy me enough to go with a slightly more expensive plan at an alternative host.


Previously I was with Honest Networks and never experienced anything remotely like this. I paid $3 per month with them. I thought I was going with a slightly more expensive plan by switching to DreamHost. For more than double the money I have gotten 2 outages (that I know of) in the first 3 weeks. One being for 12 hours. Oh and you shouldn’t have to pay for dedicated hosting to avoid a 12 hour outage. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot that is good about DreamHost but they really need to do a better job at eliminating these outages. I fully understand things break when upgrades are done. But when that happens either back out the upgrade until you can get it right or fix the issues immediately. I am just amazed they would leave sites unreachable for 12 hours (some people appear to be offline even longer).